Stefan Reidy
Stefan Reidy, CEO at Arviem

27 Feb 2014

Just recently we received the following request from one of our clients:

„Can you check and advise if any of our tracked boxes are on this vessel?“

What happened?

On February 14, the 8’160 TEU Svendborg Maersk was battered by winds reaching 60 knots and waves reaching 10 meters resulting the collapse of container stacks on the vessel. 520 containers went overboard and several others got damaged.

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By the way: One of the containers washed off the vessel is a huge shipping container with as many as 11 million cigarettes inside (- but police are warning any wreckers ‘looking for free fags’ to stay well away).

The 520 lost containers could result for many companies in the abrupt break in their supply chain.

The companies of the other thousands of containers are most likely affected by delays or product quality claims, as the vessel has to stop for re-stowage of collapsed container stacks and take out damaged containers.

Many companies probably are faced with the same questions as our client:

  • Is cargo of ours affected?
  • Is cargo of ours damaged?
  • What delay is to be expected?


Thanks to arviem real-time cargo monitoring, such questions can quickly and easily be answered and decisions can be taken proactively.