How to eliminate inefficiencies from your supply chain with real-time supply chain visibility

Practical examples to help you build leaner supply chains

Thursday, 5th of December 4PM (SGT)

Do you really have reliable information on where your cargo is while in transit? Do you know what conditions is your cargo exposed to and how you can both safeguard its quality and optimize costs? Do you have sufficient and timely transparency of each leg of your supply chain?

Think twice. Today’s supply chains are global and complex and there are known vulnerabilities and inefficiencies that impact your supply chain. Supply chains are mostly a black-box. They are managed by supply chain professionals by outcomes, being reactive to disruptions as they arise not knowing where the inefficiencies are.

Transform your global cargo operations! Join our webinar which will help you to understand what is happening to your cargo while it is in transit. Learn from real snapshots from our projects which reveal these inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. Our webinar will help you understand how IOT-based visibility can help you to plug these gaps and help to build lean supply chains.

In this webinar you will learn:

✅  What is IoT-enabled near real-time supply chain visibility and where is this critical?

✅  Visibility is more than just location: ensures  product quality and safety

✅  Why relying on carrier data alone is not reliable or scalable?

✅  Managing logistics performance just by SLAs is holding back organizations: How visibility solutions can help you create leaner supply chains and extract world-class outcomes?

Speaker: Varun Rai, Buckeye Business Solutions

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