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Cargo Security Monitoring Solutions through

Active Shipment Monitoring

Secure the integrity and quality of your cargo with portable,  

sensor-enabled real-time cargo monitoring

For your peace of mind

Cargo Monitoring as a Service

Arviem is providing a fully managed cargo security solution including device selection and device logistics

Arviem offers in-transit cargo security and quality monitoring as a complete service, managed in-house globally available 24/7. We provide 100% independent and trustworthy data on the location and condition of your shipments whether on land, sea, or air. We have capabilities to provide both location tracking and security monitoring for all your shipments globally. Based on your needs, we select the best-fit solution available on the market for your maximum benefits. 

Traking and monitoring modules, Cargo monitoring dashboard

Data through monitoring devices

Monitoring devices are attached to the cargo at the point of loading and collect information while the cargo is in transit. They transmit data in real-time to the analytics platform. Our devices are carefully selected and best in class, with the reliability of over 99.5%.

Global coverage and device mantencance

Global device operations

To ensure a carefree service to the client, everything from the initail project setup to device logistics and maintenance, and repair are handled by Arviem. Our global operations team ensures outstanding customer support and a the smooth execution of projects from the initial training of your team to periodic project reviews.

Data analytics and notifications dashdoard

Data analytics and notifications

In case of disruptions, notifications with actionable information are provided to clients. To support the decision-making process, Arviem’s data analytics platform provides both a quick overview of the cargo in transit and in-depth analysis and visualization of the supply chain uncovering inefficiencies and logistics blind spots.

Global coverage and device mantencance

Services via partner network 

Arviem cooperates with a global network of the most reputable companies which provide intervention services. If desired by a customer, we can provide a partner for global 24/7 intervention services to ensure the safety of shipments and rapid reaction to disruptions.

Whom we serve

We serve cargo owners, exporters, importers, and manufacturers

Our customers are at either end of the supply chain; those looking to ship their goods and those waiting to receive. Our supply chain visibility and cargo tracking and monitoring solutions have proven advantages to industry sectors with high value or sensitive cargo.

Tabacco industry

Sensitive Goods 

The integrity of sensitive goods such as food, beverages, tobacco, and other perishables is paramount. Arviem’s services offer critical quality monitoring, focusing on the sensitivity of these items to temperature, humidity, and shock. Our technology ensures that these goods are maintained in optimal conditions, preserving their quality from origin to destination and mitigating any risk of spoilage or damage.

Food and Beverage industry

High Value Goods

Arviem’s monitoring services are tailored to safeguard high-value goods throughout their journey. With our advanced security monitoring, precise location tracking, and door opening alerts, stakeholders in the transportation of precious metals, jewelry, currencies, electronics, machinery, and equipment can rest assured. Our solutions are designed to provide peace of mind by ensuring the safety and security of these valuable assets every step of the way.

Industrial Manufacturing owners

Mission Critical Goods

For mission-critical goods, including chemicals, project cargo, military supplies, and pharmaceuticals, timely and accurate information is crucial. Arviem provides comprehensive ETA and location tracking, along with immediate alerts on any delays. This level of monitoring is vital for stakeholders who rely on the punctuality and precise handling of their shipments, ensuring that critical supplies reach their destinations safely and on schedule.

Arviem Analaysis Dashboard, Shipment and Chain Supply Tool

Sensor-based cargo security

Protect your cargo in-transit with Arviem’s solutions and data 

At Arviem, we are your shield against the complexities of global cargo transportation, serving cargo owners, exporters, importers, and manufacturers. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled cargo monitoring precision, ensuring your shipments are always protected and fully under your control. Our services offer not just surveillance but a comprehensive defense system against cargo theft and damage, giving you absolute peace of mind. We empower you to actively safeguard your goods in transit.

Advanced intelligence to deter theft

Leveraging state of the art portable sensor technology for maximum cargo protection.

Intermodal monitoring coverage

Across land, air, and sea, ensuring your cargo is always under watchful eyes. 


Superior device quality

Selecting the finest, rigorously tested devices tailored for optimal tracking and monitoring.

Immediate alerts for deviations

Ensuring prompt action through real-time, actionable insights.

Dynamic data analytics

Empowering decision-making with up-to-the-minute insights.

Customized monitoring solutions

Tailored device and service configurations to suit your specific cargo and route needs.

Real-Time Cargo Monitoring Dashboard, Cargo Monitoring Device, Data collection

Data from cargo in the logistics chain

Transform your logistics with proactive cargo intelligence

Through the locating and sensing technology attached to cargo, multimodal containers and trucks, we uncover supply chain blind spots. Arviem’s intelligence isn’t just about monitoring; it’s about actionable insights. Real-time alerts for any deviations provide an opportunity for immediate intervention, transforming logistics operations from reactive to proactive. Our active monitoring extends beyond mere location tracking, encompassing all aspects of cargo security and environmental conditions, ensuring a responsive and resilient supply chain. Additionally, our services compile performance data for each route and carrier, enabling Cargo Owners to conduct in-depth analyses over time and optimize logistics strategies.

Z Real-time location and predictive ETA  

Z Geozone entry/exit

Z Temperature and humidity

Z Door opening and light intrusion

Z Shock

Real-Time Cargo Monitoring Dashboard, Cargo Monitoring Device, Data collection


Let our clients speak for us

“Arviem is top of the list because of the basically best experience we have with tracking devices.”

"We have eliminated waste, reduced demurrage costs substantially and achieved timely product availability and product freshness."

"We recommend Arviem's services to our clients."

"Monitoring the location and environmental conditions of our shipments is a very important component of our stewardship efforts. Arviem provides us this capability."

“The arviem supply chain control tower not only helped us to monitor the product quality, but also prevented us in spending lots of money by sending the assembly team at the wrong time to the customer”

“With the arviem solution, we have identified great optimization potential. It is useful to have real-time visibility to the forces and conditions our products are exposed to, and this enables us to provide enhanced customer service”

Device-agnostic platform

Expertly selected, seamlessly connected, portable monitoring devices 

Drawing on 15 years of experience since our inception in 2008, Arviem has evaluated nearly 100 IoT portable devices and RFIDs, gaining valuable insights and understanding their capabilities. This rigorous evaluation process, in partnership with over 20 IoT Device Manufacturers, has enabled us to curate a portfolio of the industry’s finest cargo monitoring devices. Our platform integrates selected devices, to ensure performance and compatibility with various client needs, cargo types, or transport modes. This meticulous selection process underscores our expertise in IoT Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions, enhancing the scalability and flexibility of our offerings. By focusing on the best devices, Arviem ensures customized, efficient cargo monitoring to deliver secure, tailored logistics solutions that precisely meet the unique requirements of our clients.

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Gartner listed Arviem among the market-leading vendors in tracking and monitoring for real-time visibility.

Gartner listed Arviem

“Arviem receives ‘Best New Supply Chain Finance Provider – Nonbank Europe 2020 Award."

"Arviem's article published by Global Maritime Forum explaining how the pandemic will ultimately sort companies into two categories. The hopefuls, and the proactive!"

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"Arviem is expanding with newly elected board members who will share multi-dimensional expertise in shaping Arviem’s future."

"Arviem has been having shipments in 106 countries now with hassle-free reverse logistics operations supported even at exotic locations."

"So far Arviem has monitored more than 10,000 legs with more than 170 ports involved and +3 billion events recorded."

"Arviem opens a new logistics hub in Australia joining 15 hubs globally."


Arviem in the press


Arviem solves the challenges of obtaining visible and intelligent trade by offering real-time end-to-end cargo monitoring services. As the only full-service provider for real-time cargo monitoring on the market, Arviem provides exceptionally accurate location and quality condition monitoring of cargo throughout the global supply chain. Our leading-edge solution will provide global supply chain stakeholders with on-demand access to real-time, transport-related data.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 885924

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