Carbon Footprint Reporting and Emissions Monitoring in Logistics

Carbon footprint reporting allows business professionals to understand the environmental impact of their logistics processes
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Carbon footprint reporting and emissions monitoring in the logistics chain support sustainability initiatives

Sustainability initiatives are gaining momentum; it is becoming a mindset that is adopted by a growing number of companies. Besides environmental regulations, sustainability initiatives are driven by the growing public interest in the business practices of organizations with regards to sustainability. Businesses regardless of size are taking actions to improve the impact of their operations on the environment. Research shows that supply chains can be responsible for up to four times the greenhouse gas emissions of a company’s direct operations, while transport is the 2nd highest emitter of greenhouse gases worldwide. It is crucial for organizations to measure the environmental impact of their logistics operations in order to implement successful, company-wide sustainability initiatives minimizing the environment impact of products and services.

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Unlike other solutions on the market, Arviem’s carbon emissions reporting is calculated based on effective transport data instead of the less accurate planning data as Arviem’s monitoring devices ride along with the cargo.  Clients are able to reveal and report emissions on the level of a single shipment.
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Arviem’s carbon footprint reporting and emissions monitoring solution reveals where carbon emissions are concentrated in the supply chain. Clients can leverage the collected data when making key business decisions with regards to the supply chain; such as, how to reduce energy use and how to lower the carbon footprint of logistics operations.
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The gathered data empowers decision makers to implement actions that make the whole supply chain more sustainable. With the agregated data, supply chain and logistics managers can develop less intensive supply models to reduce the energy consumption of the supply chain and lower the company’s carbon footprint.
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Benefits of carbon footprint reporting and emissions monitoring in the logistics chain

Improved brand image

Green supply chain initiatives help organizations to portray themselves as an environmentally friendly company.

Cost savings

The possibility to evaluate various transport routes and modes of transport supports the optimization of processess leading to decrceased logistics costs.


Regulatory compliance

Environmental rules and directives are pushing companies for implementing more sustainable activities.

More accurate reporting

By having carbon footprint monitoring in place that measures the carbon emissions of logistics processes, the reporting of company-wide emission levels becomes more accurate.

New market opportunities

Having the image of an environmentally friendly organisation with sustainability activities in place draws the attention of certain market segments and creates new business opportunities.


The new, technology-enabled approaches towards carbon footprint reporting represent a new source of innovation within the organization, creating a competitive advantage.

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