KeyTone and Arviem unveil strategic partnership to deliver trade monitoring and management services for global supply chain visibility

Cupertino, CA, February 09, 2011: KeyTone Technologies, a recognized leader in RFID and other sensor-based solutions, announced today its strategic partnership with Arviem to deliver ”in-transit” trade monitoring and management services to Fortune 1000 companies around the globe. The partnership has resulted in deploying a managed service offering targeted at companies engaged in global trade transactions worldwide. This service offering is now supported by the release of a new comprehensive software platform to enable easy web based monitoring, analytics and reporting.

Managing logistics operations for a global supply chain is challenging. The ability to track, trace, monitor and respond to events throughout the transit of goods would make it much easier. Trying to manage a global supply chain without knowing exactly where cargo is located, its condition, who has custody of it, or when events occur, is experiencing the supply chain – not managing it. Simply stated, you can’t manage what you don’t know.

“Our focus as a company is ‘ensuring visibility and delivering results’. Tracking cargo while in-transit and ensuring visibility through to its destination is of critical importance in successfully managing the supply chain. Our relationship with Arviem will open new opportunities for KeyTone in this valuable market” said Edwin Winder, EVP KeyTone. “This service is now available to all who want its benefits and the information can easily be integrated to existing supply chain systems of record. ”

“Real time visibility becomes a key competitive advantage. Applying technology to enhance global supply chain management based on visibility and content monitoring is the core of Arviem’s business” said Stefan Reidy, CEO of Arviem. “Our KeyTone powered solution and service puts this capability within the reach of all companies. The partnership with KeyTone has already gained momentum with successful validations at major companies in the consumer products, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and we are looking to gain an increasing market share in this emerging area of focus.”

About KeyTone Technologies

KeyTone Technologies is a recognized leader in RFID solutions for clients in Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation & Logistics, Financial Services, and Aerospace & Defense. With in-depth experience and comprehensive solutions, KeyTone has distinguished itself as the company that is ‘enabling visibility and delivering results’ by leveraging RFID and other sensor based technologies. Whether providing end-to-end visibility through all manufacturing and distribution processes or tracking material and human assets, KeyTone’s solutions help create and sustain value by improving visibility, agility and efficiency of operations.

Headquartered in Cupertino, California, KeyTone enjoys an impressive customer base including, Seagate, Micron, Wesco, Surefire, and BHEL and an equally strong partner community including Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, Intermec, Wavetrend, Alien Technology, Zebra Technologies, Intelleflex, Escort Memory Systems (a Datalogic subsidiary), and Weber Marking.
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About Arviem

Arviem is an independent Global Trade Management Service provider offering end to end trade monitoring and management services. Arviem’s services enable clients to effectively manage their (global) supply chains. The company has a unique skill set of logistics industry know how and supply chain solutions expertise, allowing it to offer a portfolio of critical skills to a client’s trade management initiatives. Arviem is headquartered in Switzerland. For more information, please visit