August, 2019Arviem enters the Asian market through a strategic partnership with Buckeye Business Solutions, an IoT and Big data focused business development and consulting firm headquartered in Singapore.

“IoT and big data play an important role in almost all the industrial sectors and provide transformative potential. We at Buckeye believe that Arviem’s constant efforts towards supply chain optimization using IoT and Big Data would benefit our client base. Arviem’s unique IoT and Big Data enabled services create niche opportunities to improve customer value as well as to improve supply chain and logistics efficiency without significant investment in hardware, software or staff. Jointly, we aim to grow, transform and thrive by expanding Arviem’s reach in Asia while delighting our customers with new innovative services” says Varun Rai, Partner at Buckeye Business Solutions.

Arviem’s IoT enabled cargo monitoring and supply chain visibility services enable companies to replace milestone-based cargo tracking solutions and benefit from automated end-to-end in-transit visibility from the point of manufacture to the point of delivery.  By having the possibility to access the real-time data at anytime from anywhere, supply chain leaders are empowered to take proactive actions and make fast and smart decisions when it comes to the unplanned, distracting events and delays in the supply chain. Moreover, Arviem leverages the collected data to offer add on services like carbon footprint monitoring and working capital optimization. The combination of Arviem’s services enables the optimization of the financial and physical supply chains by making goods in transit financeable through monitoring the location and condition of the cargo in real-time.

“Considering the volume of its international trade, Asia is a market that cannot be ignored when it comes to global cargo monitoring and supply chain visibility services. A significant amount of global companies depend on the efficiency of their supply chains which are often based in various parts of Asia. Knowing the specifics of doing business in the region, we believe it is crucial to have a local partner to support our endeavors in serving the market. We are excited to partner with Buckeye and aim to successfully serve and benefit additional clients in Asia” concludes Mirko Schneider, Head of Sales at Arviem”.

About Buckeye Business Solutions

Headquartered in Singapore, Buckeye Business Solution (  specializes in offering business development and consulting services to leverage the opportunities offered by Big Data and IOT targeting shipping, logistics and aerospace industries. By offering Business Development as a service, Buckeye helps its client to strategically launch their products or services in new geographies, with little or no risk or investments. Also, Buckeye helps its clients in developing customer insight led competitive advantage to achieve strategic customer centric approach. As a part of strategic sourcing solution, Buckeye work with its clients and develop procurement programmes to align with their key strategic and operational KPIs and address requirements.

About Arviem

 Arviem’s ( IoT enabled real-time cargo tracking and monitoring service provides in-transit visibility enabling exporters and importers to develop smarter, more efficient and responsive supply chain operations. As the only full-service provider of real-time cargo monitoring on the market, Arviem makes invisible supply chain operations visible by maintaining consistent data flow. Thanks to Arviem’s intelligent cargo monitoring solution, clients are empowered to make educated, well-informed operational decisions while staying in control of their cargo from its origin to its destination.

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