Zürich, Switzerland – 26.02.2019  Arviem, the Swiss-based supply chain visibility service provider, has been selected to join ‘The Plug and Play Supply Chain Program’ in Silicon Valley, the world’s largest end-to-end supply chain innovation platform. Globally from almost 500 initial startup entries, only 22 startups are being selected to participate in the 12-week Supply Chain Innovation program. After showcasing Arviem’s innovation potential to over 20 corporate partners, Arviem is very proud to be among the 22 startups and to join the 12-week program focused on business development and funding with the final exposition in Silicon Valley.

Arviem provides a global, IoT enabled technology platform and supply chain visibility and cargo monitoring service. Supply chain visibility has significant benefits for supply chain operations. An effective supply chain visibility solution together with a well-developed traceability strategy allows organizations to monitor the goods in transit and know where their finished products are in any moment. This end-to-end visibility is the key to resilient supply chains and becomes especially important when facing disruptions in the supply chain or during crisis situations. Arviem provides real-time, trustworthy, carrier independent data about the whole journey of the goods from the point of manufacture to the point of delivery uncovering supply chain blind spots. Arviem’s cloud-based, easy to use cargo monitoring and analytics platform provides business intelligence for decision makers. Moreover, Arviem offers a wide array of services that are transforming supply chains by combining the latest sensor technology, big data, and clever data analytics methodology.

“Being part of the Plug and Play Supply Chain Program is a remarkable milestone for our company. It depicts our strength and showcases our innovative potential towards our vision of making the entire supply chain ecosystem more transparent by uncovering blind spots. Our cargo tracking and monitoring service helps our clients to ensure savings, business continuity and customer satisfaction along with sustainability and helps to prevent spoilage on the distribution level. This inclusion among the other innovative startups is a recognition of our efforts towards supporting the digitalized supply chain, effective logistical operations as well as sustainability initiatives of our clients” – Stefan Reidy, CEO of Arviem.

“We are excited to have this world-class cohort of startups with us for the next few months. We are confident that they will succeed, and we can’t wait to see them reach new milestones,” said Farzin Shadpour, Managing Director of Plug and Play Supply Chain.

About Arviem AG:

Arviem (www.arviem.com) provides real-time cargo monitoring service enabling exporters and importers to develop smarter, more efficient and responsive supply chain operations. As the only full-service provider of real-time cargo monitoring on the market, Arviem’s solution provides exceptionally accurate location and quality condition monitoring of cargo throughout the global supply chain. Thanks to Arviem’s intelligent cargo monitoring solution, clients are empowered to make educated, well-informed operational decisions while staying in control of their cargo from its origin to its destination.

About Plug and Play supply chain:

Plug and Play Supply Chain is the world’s largest end-to-end supply chain innovation platform. The program works with over 30 corporate partners and has helped hundreds of startups build their businesses and connect with major corporate clients. The Plug and Play Supply Chain Program hosted its Batch Four selection week in Silicon Valley from February 4 to February 7, 2019. Selection week culminated with 22 startups being selected to participate in the 12-week Supply Chain Innovation program at Plug and Play, the world’s largest end-to-end supply chain innovation platform.


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Arviem AG

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