16 Apr 2020

Cold chain management or cold chain solution is a strategic approach to maintain the quality of products in transit under controlled temperature conditions. The objective of the cold chain management is to establish processes to maintain product quality and ensure compliance with global regulations and industry standards for the storage, handling and distribution of temperature-sensitive products.

Maintaining temperature of products in transit is especially important for pharmaceuticals, food & beverages and high-value products. To demonstrate, almost half of all vaccines are wasted as a result of failures to keep them in the proper temperature range when they travel from one point to the other in the supply chain. In the case of vaccines, the World Health Organization reports that manufacturers only test the potency within certain temperature ranges. Efficacy outside of these ranges is unproven. Additionally, experts note that vaccines are live organisms and require refrigeration. The organisms die and become ineffective outside of the refrigerated conditions.

Cold chain solutions have become an integral part of supply chain management for transportation of temperature-sensitive products. One of the processes that can be used for cold chain management is the real-time monitoring of products in transit. IoT enabled real-time, cloud-based temperature monitoring, and product traceability solutions are already making food safety easier by increasing transparency and collaboration across the supply chain, reducing the number of risk points, and helping brands to proactively reduce product and operational waste. Also, improving cold chain management during transportation can help in reducing the carbon footprint of food waste. The life of the food products is dependent on various factors such as internal temperature, humidity and shocks that affect the organisms leading to food spoilage. Thus, these conditions are to be monitored and controlled in order to prevent tons of food waste eventually increasing the carbon footprint. Thanks to IoT technology, cold chain management is no more a hassle and can be managed easily with its market estimated to reach USD 447.50 billion by 2025.

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