Arviem Dry Container Device

Arviem RC Dry Container Device


Once a monitoring trip is planned, send the following shipment details to

  • Shipment Reference Number
  • Container Number
  • Device ID (i.e. AA0101)
  • Destination
  • Vessel Name (if known)


Place the device on the container after the loading is completed and right before the container doors are closed


Device Installation

Place the device on the top beam of the container between the inner cam keepers of the closing bars.


new device 2

Ensure that the device is placed firmly on the cross beam of the container so the vertical hook plates are flush against the beam. The device will be kept at place by strong magnets and mounting automatically detected.


Close the left door first and then the right door. The shipment is ready to be transported and monitoring starts.

Do not place the device at the inner side of nudges. This is incorrect mounting.

Do you like videos more?
Watch the video showing the quick and easy device mounting process


After the container doors opened, pull down the device


Look up to see if a device is mounted on the container.  The visual shows what to look out for. If the device is mounted on a container, follow the next steps.


New generation device

Open the right door first. Look up and check the position of the device. Make sure it is not dislocated. Next, open the left door. Check the position of the device again, making sure it is not falling down. Reach for the device.


New Device demounting

After the doors are open, reach for the monitoring device and remove it by pulling it downwards from the top beam of the container.

Watch the video showing the quick and easy device demounting process

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