Get to know our board members


Daniel is an international leadership personality with substantial CEO and board experiences. As an entrepreneur, he focuses on business and people development, value creation in established and startup businesses.

“whatever you do, do it right or just don’t do it…”

Personal Credo

Why did you decide to join Arviem’s board?


Arviem is at an exciting cross road, they built incredible capabilities over the last 10 years, won world leading clients with an appealing value proposition, have a strong team in place eager to disrupt the global supply chain businesses with a device enabling real time monitoring services as well as value adding services. So it’s all about generating profitable growth by unlocking the potentials Arviem is offering to its clients!

What do you think Arviem does better than anyone else in our field?


I believe Arviem is really the driving force for the next ’Big Thing’ in the supply chain by driving IoT enabled real-time services for supply chain visibility. I particularly like their effort to build a long-lasting and trustful relationship with their clients and maintain a close relationship to ensure they provide meaningful and tangible value. The increasing recurring businesses is proofing this understanding.

How do you imagine supply chains in 10 years?


A tricky question especially as I have been focused over the last many years on developing international businesses, where the supply chain has always been a key enabler to get the products developed, manufactured and delivered to the clients in the most secure and cost effective way in the quality required and the time needed. Processes have been constantly streamlined and optimized. However, supplier development and working with the most trustful partners, constant innovation and applying the right technological solution and digitalization etc. have always been the key success factors. I would presume that in 10 years from now real-time monitoring services and a range of value adding services will be fully embedded in international supply chain where Arviem is playing a key role! Sustainability will be an integrated part and further accelerate the application of real-time monitoring services plus!

What is your biggest strength that will bring Arviem forward?


My aim is to translate Arviem’s capabilities into profitable growth and increasing its value contribution (People – Profit – Planet). As a member of the Board I shall do so by understanding the markets and clients needs, by maintaining a constructive and intensive dialogue with the management team, by expressing clear goals and objectives within an operational framework. My approach as a Director is to „Nose in and hands out“ and to be a trusted sounding board for the management and my colleagues at the Board.

Which three things would you take with you to a deserted island?


I guess I would take my iPad including music, books etc. a knife and potentially Arviem’s device so they know when the physical parameters are diverging and where they can pick me up!

Who is your favorite leader? Why?


I have experienced and benefited from many strong leaders such as Richard Cousins at Compass Group, from whom I learned a lot. I admire leaders who remain humble and human such as Max DePree (see his book Leadership is an Art).

What is the title of the last book you read?


At the moment I am reading the books of the Nobel-price winner Peter Handke, but am still hazy about the great book I just finished from Kazuo Ishiguro like the The Buried Giant.

What is your personal credo?


in 1987, after finishing my studies, when I started working at Sulzer (an industrial company in Winterthur) in one of our old factories from the 19th century there was a large tablet at the wall with the inscription „whatever you do, do it right or just don’t do it“ I guess it has influenced me a lot!