Get to know our board members

Eric Kuenzi

Eric is an influential and highly experienced startup lawyer in Switzerland with in-depth corporate law expertise. Eric acts as an advisor to the company’s leaders on all aspects of organizational management.

Collect moments, not things.…”

Personal Credo

Why did you decide to join Arviem’s board?



I joined Arviem in 2016 after assisting the company and its founders with a financing round. During that time, I got to have a closer look at the technology and the business model. I was immediately fascinated by Arviem’s innovative solutions and its shared vision to become the ‘google of trade.’

What do you think Arviem does better than anyone else in our field?



Arviem started early in the field of container tracking technologies, which gave it a real edge in knowing specific client needs. The early entrance helped Arviem develop a full array of products that rely on data and technology but  go much further in terms of value-added service. Arviem is consistent in establishing its goals and visions and having a concrete plan to achieve them. The focussed vision is what makes the company successful in its creative journey.

How do you imagine supply chains in 10 years?



That isn’t easy to say, but I imagine the future supply chains to be autonomous and self-optimizing, fully enabled by technology, powered by data and insights-driven. The most crucial task for Arviem is to keep learning, identify ways to improve, and keep innovating while having an in-depth knowledge of the industry. In any case, Arviem is playing a relevant role in the digitalization of the supply chain and in the creation of added value products that will make the supply chain more efficient.

What is your biggest strength that will bring Arviem forward?



I found it too difficult to answer this question, so I asked Stefan Reidy the CEO of Arviem to answer it for me. 🙂 “Eric is a very strategic and structured thinker. He can easily split a big unstructured issue into smaller structured challenges, which can be addressed and managed. Such skills are critical for Arviem in times of growth and turbulence.”


Which three things would you take with you to a deserted island?



A book about survival on a deserted island, a surfboard and a Swiss army knife.

Who is your favorite leader? Why?



I have a huge respect for my mentor, Adrian Howald of Suter Howald Attorney at Law.

What is the title of the last book you read?



I am generally a curious and interested person, and therefore I read a lot each day. But most things that I read, I read online, in the news, blogs, etc. Further, I watch a lot of Youtube videos regarding various topics of interest. I read books mainly on holidays to disconnect from the permanent online world, in which case I usually read best sellers.

What is your personal credo?



Collect moments, not things.

Surround yourself with people who get it.