Get to know our board members


Jesper E. Thomsen is a supply chain leader with a background as a senior executive at Maersk. He has worked across the globe,  recently established a consulting company helping both Fortune 500 companies with their digital transformation and startups getting commercial traction.

“I want to be wiser when I walk out of the door than when I walked in….”

Personal Credo

Why did you decide to join Arviem’s board?


I have been on the advisory board of Arviem for the last two years, and found both the team and the services that are delivered cutting edge. At this point in time no-one can do what Arviem does providing actual, real time information and not modelled or estimated. This creates so many opportunities for cargo owners across the world and I wanted to be an even greater part of that, and thankfully the shareholders supported that.

What do you think Arviem does better than anyone else in our field?


The obvious answer would be “technology”, but I actually think it is the “relentless customer focus”. Technology is almost a bi-product of that and by that I mean that in order to deliver the service the customers require, you need the best technology, and Arviem has that as well.

How do you imagine supply chains in 10 years?


Firstly, they will still exist. Secondly, they will change as there are obvious megatrends, such as climate changes, pandemics, increasing geopolitical instability and increasing pressure to digitise what can be digitised. Perhaps the latter is what will drive most of the changes. Building production facilities and capabilities take time, so even though one company may choose to source from different geography, everyone can’t do it at the same time – and won’t want to. Consumers expect a certain price point, shareholders expect a certain profitability level, and although the megatrends may shift these expectations they are not going to disappear either.

However, the new solutions being developed, such as Arviem’s, will improve how the data and the systems around the supply chain interact, which will make it far easier to manage the supply chain as a whole. 

What is your biggest strength that will bring Arviem forward?


Asking me to limit it to just one…that’s hardly fair :-). Since humility isn’t one of them, I will say: helping simplify a very complex landscape, so that Arviem can position itself where it should with its customers, employees and investors – having had the benefit of having worked with all of those parties in the past.

Which three things would you take with you to a deserted island?


The internet, the world’s biggest power-bank and some sort of Apple-device that could utilise those things.

Who is your favorite leader? Why?


This is a difficult one to answer. I think it depends very much on the situation as no-one is perfectly suited to handle any situation. If I had to pick one right now it would be Jürgen Klopp for obvious reasons.

What is the title of the last book you read?


I think it was “Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman”, which I read for my youngest daughter. For me personally I am half way through a Disney book of short stories (in German “Tashenbücher”). I read one story every night. It is complicated enough for me to focus on that and nothing else, but not so complicated that I need to think about it…and literally within seconds of putting it down, I fall asleep.