Hardware Agnostic Cargo Monitoring Platform

Unmatched Visibility and Intelligence for Your Cargo

Comprehensive cargo visibility, independent of data source

At Arviem, we empower supply chain, quality, and cargo security professionals with unparalleled insights into their logistics operations. Our cutting-edge, IoT sensor-agnostic platform seamlessly integrates with a variety of sensor devices, providing comprehensive visibility into the location, condition, and status of your cargo. Regardless of the data source, our robust platform technology generates critical insights, ensuring you have the intelligence needed to optimize your supply chain, ensure quality, and secure your cargo.

24/7 Active Monitoring of Shipments

Experience peace of mind with Arviem’s around-the-clock monitoring, ensuring your cargo is continuously tracked and protected throughout its journey.

Dynamic ETA Calculation Service

Leverage our real-time data and advanced algorithms to receive accurate and dynamic Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) calculations, enhancing your planning and operational efficiency.

Coordination with Security Intervention Services 

Stay one step ahead with our proactive coordination with security services, ready to intervene and protect your valuable cargo from potential threats.

Risk-Based Cargo Insurance

Benefit from our tailored cargo insurance solutions, developed and offered in collaboration with industry leaders, to provide the best coverage and protection for your shipments.

Advanced AI-enabled Analytics and Reports

Unlock deep insights with our AI-driven analytics, which incorporate third-party data such as weather conditions and regional crime reports to enhance decision-making.

Predictive Analysis of Cargo Condition

Anticipate and mitigate risks to your cargo’s condition with our predictive analytics, ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained throughout the supply chain.

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Explore how Arviem’s hardware-agnostic cargo monitoring can enhance your supply chain operations from the moment the container doors close. Reach out to us and our team will be in touch soon to discuss how we can support your needs.


Arviem solves the challenges of obtaining visible and intelligent trade by offering real-time end-to-end cargo monitoring services. As the only full-service provider for real-time cargo monitoring on the market, Arviem provides exceptionally accurate location and quality condition monitoring of cargo throughout the global supply chain. Our leading-edge solution will provide global supply chain stakeholders with on-demand access to real-time, transport-related data.

European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 885924

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