Carbon footprint reporting in logistics: The key to identifying opportunities for improvement

Sustainability initiatives are gaining momentum. As many key stakeholders such as customers, investors and employees are showing an increased interest in monitoring the business practices of organizations with regards to sustainability, many forward- looking companies are recognizing that sustainability is beneficial for all that leads to cost savings and improved brand image and are looking for ways to decrease their carbon footprint.

Carbon footprint monitoring solutions involving IoT sensor devices offer unprecedented visibility into the environmental impact of the movement of the goods across the supply chain. As the IoT monitoring devices are riding along with the cargo, companies can analyze emissions on a shipment level, use the collected data to make key business decisions, reduce energy use and lower the carbon footprint of logistics operations.

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✅ What is Carbon Footprint Reporting Service offered by Arviem?

✅ What are the benefits achieved by Carbon footprint monitoring and analysis?

✅ How does Arviem manages Carbon Footprint Reporting?

✅ How can real time cargo monitoring data and analytics help you achieve other benefits?

Speaker: Stefan Reidy, CEO at Arviem


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