Secured vaccine distribution with real-time cargo tracking and monitoring

Ensure safe and secure vaccine distribution by using Arviem’s IoT enabled cold chain monitoring services

Supply Chain Visibility is a necessity for COVID-19 vaccine logistics

Effective cold chain monitoring and secured distribution for vaccine viability involves ensuring a shipment’s extreme internal conditions such as temperature and humidity are maintained within predefined thresholds. This requires that adequate technologies are in place to allow stakeholders at various points in vaccine transport and distribution chains to monitor and verify that proper storage conditions are maintained and security is ensured during transport.

Arviem’s IoT enabled real-time cargo tracking and monitoring service provides accurate real-time tracking of location, and active monitoring of temperature, humidity, and shock . Additionally, door openings and intrusions are also monitored in real-time to ensure the products are not tampered with during  vaccine logistics by any means of transport – rail, air or sea. Arviem’s solution enable full traceability by getting first hand access to a transparent and reliable source of data on the entire journey of vaccines.

Ensure vaccine traceability by implementing a supply chain visibility solution

End-to-end supply chain visibility is the key to transporting temperature-controlled life-saving vaccines to different parts of the world with ease. Real-time monitoring  helps to combat vaccine counterfeiting and enhance safety monitoring by identifying pre-excursion signals, and take immediate action to intervene and prevent any deviations.


✅  Ensure compliance and security

✅  Validate chain of custody

✅  Secured vaccine distribution

✅  Respond proactively to unexpected events

✅  Enhance safety monitoring

✅  Ensure vaccine potency

✅  Accurate predictive ETA’s

How can Arviem help you achieve efficient vaccine traceability?

Arviem’s IoT enabled supply chain visibility solution provides real-time analysis allowing full visibility throughout the transportation chain from departure to arrival. The movement of the products in transit is monitored by reliable sensor devices and robust GPS/GSM trackers and a live system that provides you with online visibility 24/7. Enabled with extra sensors monitoring shocks, location, humidity, and light intrusions ensure 100% safe vaccine logistics. Thanks to the constant flow of data, Arviem reveals critical insights that enable logistics and supply chain professionals to fully monitor and secure their cold chain logistics

We offer a fully managed, pay per use cargo monitoring service


Monitoring devices are attached to the cargo at the point of loading and collect information while the cargo is in transit. They transmit data about humidity, temperature, light, shock, GPS location, geographic location, door security in real-time to the analytics platform.  


Get clients’ performance dashboards, ad-hoc reporting, and online analytical processing. Receive actionable alerts about temperature deviations, door opening, route deviation by mail in real-time and take corrective action.


The service includes making devices available at the client’s premises, meaning, Arviem takes care of device logistics (including reverse logistics) maintenance and repair.

Why is Arviem the best fit for your cargo monitoring needs?

✅  A fully managed service including devices, analytics, and logistics of devices

✅  Proven and reliable sensing devices for all modes of transport

✅  A solution fully hosted by Arviem

✅  Easy mounting of devices outside the container door

✅  Sensors integrated in the in-house built monitoring device for data collection

✅  Accurate monitoring by GPS enabled technology

✅  Reverse logistics and maintenance of devices managed by Arviem

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Can we support your supply chain monitoring needs for vaccine distribution?

Explore your possibilities to leverage real time cargo monitoring solution that provides manifold benefits. Connect with our expert by a single click.  


Arviem solves the challenges of obtaining visible and intelligent trade by offering real-time end-to-end cargo monitoring services. As the only full-service provider for real-time cargo monitoring on the market, Arviem provides exceptionally accurate location and quality condition monitoring of cargo throughout the global supply chain. Our leading-edge solution will provide global supply chain stakeholders with on-demand access to real-time, transport-related data.

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