Leveraging alternative lending solutions to optimize your working capital

Webinar Part 1:  Financing goods in transit

Date: Tuesday, 24th of September at 3PM CEST

Join our webinar to learn how to unlock access to faster and cheaper supply chain financing by tracking goods in transit from their origin to the point of destination. Manage your liquidity better, delaying cash outflow and accelerating cash inflow while strengthening your balance sheet.

While traditional trade financing, bank loans, and factoring match the financing needs of most of the companies,  Supply Chain Finance (SCF) can provide a welcome additional tool to close the working capital gap, allowing you to plan production activities effectively avoiding delays and shutdowns while waiting on products in transit. 

In this webinar you will learn:

✅  When are alternative lending solutions beneficial for businesses?

✅  Introduction to an innovative alternative financing model: Financing goods in transit

✅  How can you secure funding for your goods in transit from doors closing to doors opening to ensure earlier cash inflow?

✅  How can you improve your working capital by optimizing your inventory levels through gaining transparency into the movement of your goods in real-time?


Title:  Leveraging alternative lending solutions to optimize your working capital

Date: September 24, 2019

Time: 3 PM CEST

Duration: 40 minutes

Speaker: Aidan Shilling Director Working Capital Services at Arviem

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