Shine a light on your supply chain blind spots:

Release the value hidden in your supply chain with traceability and visibility




Supply chains are complex by nature. Global, multi-modal, time-critical, and relying on numerous participants to work in harmony. However, even within harmonious networks blind spots exits. These visibility gaps, generate mistrust, encourage information silos, and obstruct cross functional cooperation. The subsequent inefficiencies cost companies’ money, time, and reputation.

This webinar will identify where blind spots occur, and explain how independent, real-time data illuminates them. Additionally, you will hear how visibility and traceability enables stakeholders to create the ‘one shared version of the truth’. Furthermore, how armed with this trusted independent data, supply chains can be challenged, and continuously improved, to deliver measurable value to improve ROI.


Listen to this webinar and learn:

✅ The emergence of supply chain blind spots: How complexity hinders visibility

✅ How independent data illuminates blind spots? A value of real-time data

✅ Traceability and Visibility: Tools to create a shared trusted version of truth.

✅ 5 immediate steps you can take to reveal blind spots in your supply chain






Gráinne Lynch – European Traceability Lead for ESP, part of Accenture Industry X
Gráinne Lynch leads traceability programs in Life Science and Consumer Goods sectors.




Ray Crowley – International Sales Manager for Arviem, and Lean Inventory consultant
Ray is an experienced inventory specialist whose passion for leaner supply chains, delivers value for all stakeholders