Learning from a Mega-Crisis: How IoT-based risk management can change transportation from a cost center to a value driver.



The corona crisis brought globalized markets, value chains and the related supply chains under scrutiny. As a result, it is often discussed among professionals that supply chains will become shorter and suppliers will be more local in order to prevent future disruptions.

Another result of the crisis is the fact that the view on logistics is changing, it is no longer an unavoidable ‘pain in the neck’, a cost driver, – it is a valuable need that keeps our public, business & private life (and lifestyles) running. And it is worth to be taken care of. And taking proper care – managing risks – needs visibility. And visibility needs information & data.

In this webinar, we will analyze what is behind the current supply chain disruptions, and we will look at a potential solution to make supply chains safe & sound – whatever happens.


Listen to this webinar and learn:

✅ What can we (really) learn from the corona-impact on supply chains?

✅ Where data from supply chain visibility can help managing risks – and where it  cannot?

✅ How can visibility-enabled risk management be implemented for supply chains with the help of Arviem?

✅ What this means for the post-corona time? How will supply chains change and adapt?

✅ How to make supply chains not (only) short & local but (also) safe & secure?


Speaker: Lars ter Veer – Director Risk Management Services

Moderator: Jan Pietruska – Arviem Sales Partner Europe

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