Zürich, Switzerland – June 18, 2018 Food Logistics, a publication dedicated to covering the movement of products through the global food supply chain, has named Arviem to the Top Green Providers list for 2018.

Food Logistics’ annual Top Green Providers list recognizes companies whose products, services, or exemplary leadership is enhancing sustainability within the food and beverage industry. Arviem has been selected for its cargo tracking and monitoring service that helps companies to reduce food waste and spoilage along the supply chain contributing to significant carbon emission reductions of clients. Arviem’s technology enables companies to take proactive measures towards efficient cold chain management through tracking and monitoring the conditions of perishable products in transit. This ensures that proper temperature is being maintained during the products journey. Alternatively, if deviations in temperature or humidity occurred owners or the recipients of the cargo are informed and can take corrective actions.

“Being selected to join the list of Top Green Providers for Food Supply Chains is a remarkable milestone for our service offering. As we know a considerable share of waste along the food supply chain is generated due to non-optimal cold chain management during transport; we developed our service to support the transport processes of perishable goods. Our cargo tracking and monitoring service helps our clients not only to be more sustainable but also ensures savings, business continuity and customer satisfaction and helps to prevent spoilage on the distribution level”, says Stefan Reidy the CEO of Arviem.

“The agricultural sector and food supply chains at large have long recognized the importance of environmental stewardship for long-term sustainability in both business and for future food production globally,” notes Lara L. Sowinski, editorial director. “Food Logistics remains committed to promoting those in our industry who understand their leadership role in sustainability and work to raise the bar with new products, services and strategies each year.”

About Arviem AG:

Arviem’s (www.arviem.com) real-time cargo tracking and monitoring service provides in-transit visibility enabling exporters and importers to develop smarter, more efficient and responsive supply chain operations. As the only full-service provider of real-time cargo monitoring on the market, Arviem makes invisible supply chain operations visible by maintaining consistent data flow. Thanks to Arviem’s intelligent cargo monitoring solution, clients are empowered to make educated, well-informed operational decisions while staying in control of their cargo from its origin to its destination.

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