Beyond the ObviousThe benefits of true end-to-end traceability and visibility for supply chains


Engaging directly with end consumers to build trust and loyalty has never been more important for your brand. 

Ensure product quality all along the supply chain and increase consumer confidence

Companies are exposed to risk and losses due to inefficient and complex supply chains with little insight. To improve supply chain operations, they need to remove blind spots from the Supply Chain and get real-time insight into the impact of logistics events that are affecting the products. Preserving product quality, eliminating food fraud, and ensuring customers of the safety of products are crucial as customer expectations are changing. The demand for product and ingredients transparency and traceability is dramatically increasing both from consumers and governments. Consumer goods companies are striving to enhance the product offering, fuel consumer interaction, and gather insights that can be shared with consumers. This webinar will not only explain the advantages of end-to-end traceability but it will also show practical examples and past projects that have been successfully executed. 

In this webinar you will learn:

✅  How can organizations benefit from increased transparency in their supply chains? The obvious and not so obvious advantages

✅  How can technology help to ensure full traceability from source to consumer? How are market leaders doing it?

✅  How to leverage increased transparency to strengthen your brand: A case of an infant formula manufacturer




Robert Lillefloth, Director for Partnership Sales at Kezzler 

Robert has broad experience in building and selling data and SaaS solutions, working with platform business and digitalization. His background is from data and information services in financial, commodities and carbon markets.




Ray Crowley – Director Business Solutions at Arviem, and Lean Inventory Consultant

Ray is an experienced inventory specialist whose passion for leaner supply chains, delivers value for all stakeholders