Optimize your global logistics network with supply chain visibility



This webinar will explain how real-time and historical shipment data, captured by IoT enabled sensors, is a critical success factor for global shippers seeking to implement structural changes in their logistics network to improve the performance of their global supply chains.

Using real-time cargo monitoring data enables companies to identify actual transit times per route/leg, bottlenecks, and black holes, and uncover previously unknown risks in their global transportation networks. This data pool, built up over time, becomes a strategic asset that will enable global shippers to identify poor performing routes, shipping legs, logistics service providers and develop and implement continuous improvement initiatives to optimize their supply chains.


Listen to this webinar and learn:

✅ How inefficiencies in transportation networks are affecting the entire performance of global supply chains?

✅ How to use data from real-time cargo monitoring to evaluate your current transportation network, define inefficiencies and bottle necks (with a show case of real-life examples)

✅ How to implement continuous improvement initiatives? How to use data to assess whether implemented changes yield expected results

✅ How to use data to assess the performance of your logistics service providers and renegotiate SLAs



Tim Wike

Tim Wike – Director Business Development, Arviem North America

Tim has held leadership roles in international logistics and supply chain management functions in the food, beverage and textile industries with companies such as Pepsi Bottling, ConAgra Foods, PWC. Having held strong knowledge about strategic value of supply chain visibility he currently works with Arviem to help clients develop visibility solutions.

Simon Wootton – Head Center of Excellence, Global Trade, Diageo

Simon has held leadership roles in international logistics, supply chain operations and procurement. His current focus is on Customs and Excise issues and has had experience implementing best practices and standards across logistics operations in the Americas, Europe and Africa.