Zürich, Switzerland – March 21, 2019

Arviem, the provider of IoT enabled supply chain visibility and cargo tracking & monitoring services announced today the launch of its new IoT enabled services (working capital solutions) for working capital optimization.

Arviem enables the optimization of the financial and physical supply chains by making goods in transit financeable through monitoring the location and condition of the cargo in real-time. By leveraging the data collected through monitoring the movements of goods with sensors devices, Arviem provides traceability from ‘doors closing to doors opening’ serving as an independent verifier for regulatory purposes as well for real-time risk mitigation.

The new, innovative working capital solutions developed by Arviem are benefitting both the shippers of goods and the financing institutions offering supply chain financing services to clients.

“Shippers of goods get early access to faster and cheaper financing enabling them to better manage liquidity and strengthen their balance sheets. Arviem’s audit compliant concept for balance sheet optimization helps shippers of goods in improving their financial ratios and return on capital employed” explains Aidan Shilling, Director Working Capital Services at Arviem. He adds, “Banks and financial institutions can also leverage our services to decrease their risk exposure by having access to an independent, real-time and cost-efficient verification tool to monitor the goods involved in their supply chain financing programs. Additionally, Arviem’s cargo monitoring data provides access to financial institutions to trade flows, enabling them to provide financing earlier in the supply chain which will open up new revenue streams.”

The first few pilot projects of Working Capital Solutions have been completed with success. One of the pilot projects focused on inventory financing has been selected as the winner of the Innovation category of the 2018 Supply Chain Finance Awards in Amsterdam. Thanks to Arviem’s working capital solutions, the pilot client ensured that they receive early liquidity at attractive rates and managed to synchronize the financial transactions with the actual progress of the goods through the supply chain.

About Arviem AG:

Arviem’s (www.arviem.com) real-time cargo tracking and monitoring service provides in-transit visibility enabling exporters and importers to develop smarter, more efficient and responsive supply chain operations. As the only full-service provider of real-time cargo monitoring on the market, Arviem makes invisible supply chain operations visible by maintaining consistent data flow. Thanks to Arviem’s intelligent cargo monitoring solution, clients are empowered to make educated, well-informed operational decisions while staying in control of their cargo from its origin to its destination.

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Shama Baldi

Arviem AG

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