11 Aug 2023

In today’s globalized world, the efficient movement of goods across various modes of transport is crucial for businesses. However, with the increasing complexity of supply chains and the rise in organized crime, ensuring the security of cargo during transit has become a paramount concern. This is where Arviem steps in with its cutting-edge real-time cargo security monitoring solutions, providing a robust shield against in-transit theft and ensuring the safe delivery of your valuable shipments.

Understanding the Threat: In-Transit Theft

In-transit theft is a significant challenge that businesses face, causing not only financial losses but also damage to their reputation and customer trust. Criminals have become more sophisticated, finding ingenious ways to exploit vulnerabilities within supply chains. These thefts can occur across various modes of transport, including road, rail, sea, and air, making it imperative for businesses to have a comprehensive security strategy in place.

Unveiling Arviem’s Multi-Modal Expertise: Safeguarding Cargo with Comprehensive Monitoring

  1. Uninterrupted Monitoring Across Modes: Arviem’s solution surpasses transport mode limitations. Whether on the road, sea, rail, or air, Arviem’s real-time tracking ensures unceasing vigilance. It’s an all-encompassing solution, tracking cargo’s location, security status, and condition across transport modes.
  2. Adapting to Dynamic Journeys: In dynamic supply chains, Arviem thrives. The solution effortlessly navigates shifts between modes, ensuring seamless visibility. This adaptability guarantees that the protective net remains strong, regardless of the cargo’s route complexities.

Advanced Cargo Security Solution: Proactive Theft Prevention

  1. Proactive Real-Time Location Tracking: Arviem’s advanced cargo security solution serves as the bedrock. Continuous location updates empower precise journey tracking. This real-time data forms the foundation for proactive security strategies.
  2. Swift Response through Anomaly Detection: Arviem’s vigilance extends to door opening detection and light exposure data. Unauthorized access or unusual openings trigger immediate alerts. Rapid responses to potential theft attempts drastically reduce the window for criminals.
  3. Proactive Incident Response:   With 24/7 active monitoring, we detect anomalies in real-time and intervene promptly. The security teams of our clients are instantly informed, enabling swift and informed actions against potential threats. This proactive incident response mechanism stands as a vigilant guardian for cargo, ensuring its safety and integrity throughout the journey.

Features supporting proactive theft prevention: 

  • Real-Time Location Tracking:  Arviem’s real-time location tracking feature offers continuous visibility into cargo’s exact whereabouts across diverse modes of transport. With this feature, businesses gain an uninterrupted pulse on their shipments, enabling proactive responses to any deviations or potential security breaches.
  • Door Opening Detection: Arviem’s devices boast advanced door-opening detection technology. Any unauthorized access triggers instant alerts, empowering swift response to potential theft attempts. This proactive approach significantly reduces cargo theft risk.
  • Light Exposure Data: A groundbreaking innovation sets Arviem apart—the integration of light exposure data. This feature detects unauthorized container or trailer openings, even during nighttime. Fusing real-time tracking with light exposure data creates a comprehensive defence against stealthy theft attempts.
  • Stationary/Motion Alarm: Arviem’s solution goes beyond movement; it also encompasses security while stationary. With the stationary/motion alarm feature, after just 20 minutes of shipment idling, an alert is triggered, ensuring heightened vigilance during potential theft incidents. This proactive alarm system adds an extra layer of protection, enabling swift response and intervention to safeguard valuable cargo.

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Leveraging Data-Driven Insights: Identifying Patterns, Predicting Threats

Arviem’s solution transcends real-time tracking; it harnesses data intelligence. Analyzing historical patterns and deviations provides invaluable insights. This strategic advantage empowers proactive risk mitigation, allowing businesses to anticipate threats and reinforce security strategies.

A Unified Defense Strategy: Safeguarding High-Value Shipments

Imagine a scenario where a high-value shipment of luxury consumer products embarks on its journey, navigating various transport modes. Arviem’s real-time tracking detects an unexpected route deviation during the sea leg of the voyage. Simultaneously, the door opening detection system alerts to an unauthorized container access during a scheduled layover. Swift action is taken, thwarting the attempted theft and preserving the cargo’s integrity.

Elevating Cargo Security with Arviem’s Expertise

In a landscape fraught with evolving risks, Arviem’s real-time cargo security monitoring solutions emerge as beacons of innovation. From multi-modal adaptability to cutting-edge cargo security devices, Arviem equips businesses with an unmatched defence solution against in-transit theft. The infusion of data-driven insights ensures businesses not only react but anticipate threats, securing their supply chains proactively.

As we approach peak shipping seasons and the landscape of cargo theft continues to evolve, proactive measures are no longer optional—they are imperative. Arviem’s real-time visibility solution isn’t just technology; it’s an unwavering commitment to safeguarding the future of global trade. Embrace a new era of cargo security where multi-modal capabilities and cutting-edge devices converge to ensure your cargo’s safety, even in the face of the unexpected. With Arviem as your partner, cargo security isn’t merely a concept—it’s an indomitable reality.




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