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The Inspection Chimera

The US Congress has mandated that all Containers be tested for radiation prior to dispatch for export to the US by 2012. Many in Congress have advocated 100% inspections of all Containers bound for the US, for all threats. None of this makes any sense nor will it ever...

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Eco-Responsible Rail-Freight

In one of our previous blog articles, we already mentioned the Arviem capability of carbon footprint analysis based on real-time cargo monitoring data. Real-time cargo monitoring could provide the relevant information and help to select areas of improvement....

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The “Google of Trade”

Chris Sciacca from IBM is interviewing Stefan Reidy from Arviem. Ther article was published here   I first met Stefan Reidy, CEO and founder, of Arviem several years ago when he was in NY City to speak with Forbes magazine for an article on his ideas for tracking...

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Arviem solves the challenges of obtaining visible and intelligent trade by offering real-time end-to-end cargo monitoring services. As the only full-service provider for real-time cargo monitoring on the market, Arviem provides exceptionally accurate location and quality condition monitoring of cargo throughout the global supply chain. Our leading-edge solution will provide global supply chain stakeholders with on-demand access to real-time, transport-related data.

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